Temple Reef Ballista Tuna


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Ballista Tuna is designed for casting in windy and choppy conditions, the short and stubby profile allow the lure to cut into wind for good distances.

Enlarged cup size will make huge splashes that will attract fish even in choppy conditions.

This Tuna variant of the Ballista family is designed with all species of tuna.

Material – Wood
Swivel – NT Swivel
SUS Thru wire
Clear Iron Coating for maximum durability

Ballista Tuna 60 – 135mm / 60g

Ballista Tuna 80 – 145mm / 80g


Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

60 Skeleton Black, 60 Skeleton White, 60 Skeleton Pink, 60 Skeleton Blue, 60 Blue Green, 60 Natural Sardine, 60 Redline, 60 Yellowline Fusilier, 60 DWF, 60 Crystal Navy FF, 60 Crystal Black Silver FF, 60 Nanoskin Sardine, 60 Nanoskin Blue Mack, 60 Nanoskin Green Mack, 80 Skeleton Black, 80 Skeleton White, 80 Skeleton Pink, 80 Skeleton Blue, 80 Blue Green, 80 Natural Sardine, 80 Redline, 80 Yellowline Fusilier, 80 DWF, 80 Crystal Navy FF, 80 Crystal Black Silver FF, 80 Nanoskin Sardine, 80 Nanoskin Blue Mack, 80 Nanoskin Green Mack


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